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     1. Introduce about batching plant operation software - HTENBATCH

     There are many companies provide the concrete batching plant on the market nowadays, but HTEN batching plant with HTENBATCH software are more popular, most of the batching plants have or are using. Rated by the operators as the best batching plant software in Vietnam, what is the specical of HTENBATCH?

     The answer is based on the following characteristics:

  • The software is easy to use with an intuitive interface, the interface design can be changed according to the operator
  • There are many features and tools that meet practical requirements: add or subtract water and materials automatically, wash the mixer automatically, change the mixing time, customize the vehicle and driver information, show the mixing volume in the day, month or year...
  • Show full order information on the main screen.
  • Print delivery notes, batch detail, daily report, orders...
  • Export report to PDF, Excel format.
  • Monitor the material warehouse on the main screen.
  • Can back up data and record the operation log when running automatically or manually.
  • Can be controled by pushing the buttons or with mouse on the software home screen.
  • Integrated automatic license plate reading function...
  • There is interlock function by both the electrical signal and in the software, ensure the safe and stable station operation.

HTENBATCH interface

     (1)   – Sand and rock aggregate weighing system
     (2)   – Water weighing system
     (3)   – Additive weighing system
     (4)   – Cement weighing system
     (5)   – Concrete mixing system
     (6)   – Concrete production orders
     (7)   – Mixing parameter frame
     (8)   – Quick Toolbar
     (9)   – Auto/Man button
     (10) – Order parameter frame

     2.  Introduce about the centralized management software - HTENCLIENT

     Concrete suppliers often have many branch stations in many different locations. To get data from them, what ways can they apply?

     Method 1: Go to the branch station to get data. This is the most classic way but inefficient because it take a lot of time, money and difficulty in geographical distance. Not many people use this way.

     Method 2: Operators of the branch station send reports via email or the accounting department and manager teamview via computer at the branch station to get data. It sounds better but not optimal because:

  • Too much reliance on labor
  • It takes a lot of time when the number of branch stations is large
  • The accuracy of the report is not guaranteed (errors when entering data)
  • Data is difficult to synchronize when each branch station send a different pattern.
  • Can only be done when mixing is stopped.

     Method 3: Use centralized management software. Branch station data will be synchronized to a single server and updated continuously. Accounting and management departments only need to observe on a single software or log in to a management account on a web browser to manage all their branch stations. The data type is also unified and accuracy is also improved as it is not depend on the operator.

     With method 3, HTEN would like to introduce to you the HTENCLIENT software. This software was developed by us and has been applied to many of our customers. Here is the interface of the software:

HTENCLIENT interface on computer software

HTENCLIENT interface on website

     Features of HTENCLIENT:

  • Flexible management method: Log in through the application installed on the computer or through the web browser. Operator can access anywhere have internet by any device such as smartphone, tablet,...
  • Data synchronization: The software ensures that the data structures among the branch stations are synchronized as mentioned above. Data can be updated continuously between server and workstation. When the branch station computer lost the internet, the data will automatically be transferred to the server when it has the internet again. The software update production volume by day, hour and by customer.
  • Automatically update when a new version is available.
  • Database import/export: Support import data from Excel instead of adding manually (in case the imported data is large). Create and edit information about distribution, customer, driver, vehicle,... remotely and save to the computer at the branch station.
  • Production coordination: Operators can easily create orders, production schedules and deliver them to the desired branch station. The order will be synchronized with the machine at that station. In addition, you can check the progress and production status of the order at the assigned station. Create sales contract for business and accounting deparment to control...
  • Warehouse management, material import and export control: Check the volume of inventory materials and incoming materials for each station at any time. Print inventory details, warehouse reports. Manage input information such as suppliers, transport vehicles...
  • Report:

     + Full report by order, details,...

     + Warehouse report.

     + Report tracking invoices, contracts...

     + Report actual export volume and order volume.

     + Customize report design according to user...

     + Reports such as: batch detail report (details of vehicles being mixed at the station), report of concrete transport trucks (number of trips, transport volume), report of materials (material code, name of the material, volume)... will be supported by the software to export files, convenient for customers for printing.

  • Other features:

     + User log, station log

     + Assign permission for each deparment

     Here are some introductions of HTEN about HTENBATCH and HTENCLIENT software. We always listen to customer's problems and continuously improve our products with the goal to bring satisfaction, convenience and best working efficiency to them. The success of our customers is also our success. Thank you for following the article, please contact us when you have a demand.