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     What is recipe?

     In the field of food manufacturing (beverage, milk, tea...), manufacturers are constantly add new products to their business portfolio or improve existing products. Each product requires different conditions in raw material composition, microbiological conditions, temperature, pressure, time and production process. Some products need to go through these steps, while others don't. For example, a tea production line can produce oolong tea, green tea, herbal tea... with different ingredients. That requires the production process is changable.

     Besides that, manufacturers may run one product in the morning, but in the afternoon they run the other, which changes very quickly. It is not convenient if each time like that we have to re-enter the corresponding parameters because it cause time-wasting. That required fast product switching, and recipe is the way to solve the problem. Each recipe stores a set of parameters, requirements, and processes suitable for each type of product. The operator can switch products flexibly by changing the recipe.

     HTEN understands this, so we have developed Recipe Management software with a variety of features, meeting the requirements set out above. The production program will automatically change flexibly according to the recipe that the operator has selected. The software is written by HTEN in C# language, the interface built on Winform platform and user data is stored on Microsoft SQL.

     Introduce about HTEN Recipe Management software

     * Features

  • Create, customize parameters & process of recipes easily
  • Data from the software is directly connected to the PLC
  • The Report feature saves the running time of each batch, the order of steps run, actions of the operator during the run.
  • Friendly interface, easy to use and get used to, optimize necessary informations. Reduce parameter input and manual control on HMI
  • Synchronize data on multiple client devices
  • Can work in parallel with WinccRT interface on the same HMI

     * Software Interface

  • Recipe list page

  • Interface at runtime. Software shows running step, the setpoints and options will be input and processed at PLC

  • Report feature: this feature is used to check batch history. The software displays information about batch that have been run during the search period, including start & end times, steps run, step parameters...

  • The feature to save operator actions during operation (Start, stop, pause, abort, QC check...), time of action, username of the person perform the action...