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Mobi Concrete Batching Plant is a kind of Concrete Batching Plant that can be moved without disassembling the parts => reduce the time of dismantling, relocating and rebuilding the plant.

Some characteristic of HTEN Mobi Concrete Batching Plant:
- Designed with wheel system and can be moved by the Trailer => save the costs of relocation.
- Portable cement silo => support loading by pump truck or Jumbo bag loading hopper.
- Capacity from 30 to 90 m3/h => suitable for small and medium concrete batching plant.
- The best choice for concrete batching plant that require high flexibility.

Mobi Concrete Batching Plant Simulation

We provide two option of color - White cream or Blue

  Mô hình thiết kế trạm Mobi

Manufacturing of Mobi batching plant at HTEN factory:


Move the Mobi batching plant to site:


Mobi Concrete Baching Plant at site: